Spring Initiative for Brain Cells

NeuroProof GmbH – OS February 27, 2020

NeuroProof starts Spring Initiative for fresh Brain Cells for German-speaking countries with reduced Prices.

NeuroProof starts for fresh cells for selected brain regions.

Use this temporary opportunity to speed up your projects. For the period from now until the end of May 2020, cells of NMRI mice from Frontal Cortex, Spinal Cord, Hippocampus, and Midbrain are available. For the spinal cord, cells are optionally available with dorsal root ganglia. The cells are also offered as whole brain tissues.

NeuroProof cells checked for the company's high-quality standards. The delivery with additional media and supplements enables a successful ready to use. We deliver the cells in a variety of formats. The cell material can be ordered in suspension in vials, as tissue in vials, as well as part of microelectrode plates.

Please use ordering options on our website for primary cells www.neuroproof.systems or by email via support@neuroproof.systems . Please also note that the spring offering programs can be complemented with hotline and other support services.

NeuroProof is a leading company in the field of contract research and drug discovery related to CNS cell diseases. NeuroProof is an expert company in the area of artificial intelligence, microelectrode arrays, and assays for compound optimization for therapies targeted to CNS diseases. The Company is headquartered in Rostock, Germany, at the Baltic Sea.