NeuroProof Systems offers 3D cell cultures on MEA plates.

NeuroProof GmbH – OS January 14, 2020
3D Cultures of Brain Cells on Microelectrode Array Plates.
The cultivation of living cells in vitro by means of cell-culture methods is a major tool in neuroscience and biomedical research. In vitro neuronal networks can reflect the neural cell behaviors in vivo, offering a promising approach to study existing neuronal models and to gain profound understanding of their related biology, such as the assessment of the neuroprotective and/or toxicological effects of pharmaceutical compounds.
Thus, to generate a best possible appropriate physiological environment for these neuronal cultures, cell adhesion and contact in three dimensions and growth is pivotal and requires an adaption of the surface substrate, preferentially growing cells within 3D structures.
NeuroProof uses inlays made of nanofiber fabric. These inlays have the great advantage that the neurons settle in clusters on this tissue without forming too large constructs, which then often create necrotic islands.
NeuroProof will offer this 3D culture technology to its customers via the NeuroProof.Systems platform as pre-cultivated MEA plates with primary frontal cortex cultures, which are currently available on request.
Comprehensive validation of our 3D culture technology is pending. Questions like a higher sensitivity and effects of 3D technology on neuronal development are under investigation.

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